Pinto bean planting - June 2021

What Is a Pinto Bean Planting Like? Hint: Amazing!

It’s been a long time since I posted. I know you’ve been counting the days, wondering when I’ll be back (don’t worry, I don’t actually believe that – just wishful thinking, folks), so ta-da! Part of my lack of posts was because I was busy doing so many legume-related things. For one, I had the fantastic opportunity to attend a pinto bean planting here in Colorado. Pinto beans dominate dry bean production here in Colorado, and in the United States in general.

In early June, I joined the Colorado Dry Bean Committee and Barber’s Foods at Seaworth Farms in Wellington, Colorado to watch the planting and see firsthand this critical stage of the growing process. Thank you again for having us, Seaworth Farms!

My PhD research focuses on dry beans and other pulses. After spending so much time reading about beans and working with the dry product, it was really nice to get outside and see an actual planting. Rather than explaining it to you in this post… They say a photo is worth a thousand words, so this video must be worth at least 10,000, right? Check it out! In addition to interviewing some of the folks behind Seaworth Farms, Barber’s Foods brought out a drone so you get an aerial view, too.

Craving pinto beans now? This olive-y bean dip also works great with pintos!

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