What are pulses?

What Are Pulses?

I research pulses for my PhD (yes, I know I am very cool). This means I often get a blank stare, followed by the question, “What are pulses?” If that is you, I don’t blame you! Full disclosure: I had not heard this word before beginning my PhD, so absolutely no judgment from me!

Okay, so the question of the hour is: WHAT ARE PULSES?

Rather than just write about it, I thought I would do a short video. Spoiler alert: if you think legumes, pulses, and beans are all the same thing…they are not. Intrigued? And, I mean, how could you not be intrigued by that?? Then check out this video!

Want to read the Nutrients article I wrote with my professor, Dr. Henry Thompson, that has the figure in the video? Check that out here. Or, read my short summary here.


Didinger, Chelsea, and Henry J. Thompson. “Defining nutritional and functional niches of legumes: A Call for clarity to distinguish a future role for pulses in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.” Nutrients 13.4 (2021): 1100.

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