What are pulses?

What Are Pulses?

I research pulses for my PhD (yes, I know I am very cool). This means I often get a blank stare, followed by the question, “What are pulses?” If that is you, I don’t blame you! Full disclosure: I had not heard this word before beginning my PhD, so absolutely no judgment from me!

Okay, so the question of the hour is: WHAT ARE PULSES?

Rather than just write about it, I thought I would do a short video. Spoiler alert: if you think legumes, pulses, and beans are all the same thing…they are not. Intrigued? And, I mean, how could you not be intrigued by that?? Then check out this video!

Want to read the Nutrients article I wrote that has this figure? Check that out here. Or, read my short summary here.


Didinger, Chelsea, and Henry J. Thompson. “Defining nutritional and functional niches of legumes: A Call for clarity to distinguish a future role for pulses in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.” Nutrients 13.4 (2021): 1100.

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