Rejoice – There is Now a Bean Coloring App!

These days, there is some heavy news going around. So, I want to share something that will undoubtedly brighten your day and lift your spirits. Yes, the title of this post is 100 percent true – there is now a bean coloring app, All About Beans!

I was beyond thrilled when I received Northarvest Bean Growers Association’s newsletter that announced this delightful tidbit. You can download the app on your phone, or you can simply color online (without downloading an app) if you would prefer.

So, you may be wondering why they created a bean coloring app. Now, personally, I don’t think any explanation is really needed because the real question is why had nobody else already done this?? Secretly (or not so secretly), I’m jealous I didn’t think of this first! πŸ˜‰ Nonetheless, Northarvest made some great points about why this app is fantastic. For instance, it…

  • Is a fun, educational tool to teach children about beans and bean farmers
  • Gets kids learning about agriculture
  • Encourages youngsters to like beans from a young age and become lifelong fans of this healthy, delicious food

I want to point out that it is not just for kids, though! I love this app and know of other adults who feel the same. For instance, one of my good friends and a fellow PhD student, Caitlin Clark, sent me this beautiful coloring she did. As you can see, I have talented friends!

If you color anything in this app (and you should, because it’s awesome), please consider sending it to me via Instagram, Facebook, or email! I would truly love to see your artwork!

Looking for something else bean-related to brighten your week? I understand, beans bring me comfort, too. Check out this post to bring a smile. Spoiler alert: Stephen Colbert respects beans, too!

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