Peanut Butter and Honey Cereal Bars

I love peanut butter, and I love beans (need proof? look at my website). Two of my all-time favorite foods. So, obviously it was a dream come true when I found out there is a bean-based cereal that I could mix with peanut butter and honey to make these Peanut Butter and Honey Cereal Bars. I used to think my parents just told me dreams come true to make me feel better. But no, as it turns out, they actually do. All that to say – keep dreaming big, kids!

Peanut Butter and Honey Cereal Bars

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Looking for DELIGHTFUL and super simple, no-bake cereal bars you can enjoy at home or on-the-go? Congratulations, you found them! Whip up a batch of these Peanut Butter and Honey Cereal Bars and dig in.


  • 2 cups cereal (64 g Love Grown or 52 g Cheerios – see note**)

  • 64 g (1/4 cup or 4 Tbs) peanut butter – I like natural peanut butter, and smooth works best for these

  • 63 g (3 Tbs) honey

  • Pinch of salt, optional – you probably won’t need it unless you use unsalted peanut butter


  • In a large glass (or other microwave-safe) bowl, microwave the peanut butter and honey. Start with 30 seconds, check to make sure it isn’t already bubbling like crazy, and then go for another 15-30 seconds. Basically, you want it heated through so it is lightly bubbling. Stir to blend the peanut butter and honey.
  • Add cereal to the peanut butter and honey mixture. Stir well to coat the cereal, but don’t be so aggressive in your stirring that you obliterate the cereal.
  • Pick whatever vessel suits your fancy (I love my mini loaf pan, as you may be realizing now from other recipes and photos). Line your vessel of choice with parchment paper or spray with unflavored cooking spray to prevent later sticking disasters. Press the cereal down to encourage it to hold its shape when you later remove it from the mold. If it looks too thin, consider a smaller vessel (like a muffin tin), doubling the recipe, or other creative approaches to squish the mixture into one side of your vessel of choice. Pop the vessel into the fridge for a while (at least 30 min – 1 hour, if possible) to allow the cereal bars time to firm up. Alternatively, forget this approach and eat it from the mixing bowl. It doesn’t have to be in a bar shape to taste delicious.
  • Assuming you didn’t eat everything immediately straight from the bowl like I often do, remove the bars from the fridge after they have firmed up, when you are ready to enjoy them. If you used a larger vessel, cut them into pieces, spraying the knife if things stick. Serve. These last well in the fridge for several days.


  • ** I like Original Power O’s because I am adding peanut butter and honey, but there is no reason you couldn’t play with other flavors! You could also use Cheerios or another similar type of cereal (read: Cheerios rip-off brand), but using bean-based cereal will get you those extra cool bean points. And no, Love Grown did not pay me to write this.
  • I’ll be honest, this does not usually make 4 servings for me (see this post’s intro sentence: “I love peanut butter, and I love beans.”). But you could make less or more depending on what container you are using. Yes, directly out of the initial mixing bowl has been known to count as a serving dish in my home…
  • I have noticed that for these cereal bars, sometimes Cheerios tend to hold together a bit better, but Love Grown holds more of its crunch. Even still, at the end of the day, these bars may not stick together quite as well as something adhered with melted marshmallows. But they just taste so much better, it doesn’t matter. Sorry, fans of Rice Krispies treats.

If bean cereal does not excite you, I hope it at least intrigues you?

Peanut butter and honey cereal bars

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Simply put, I *adore* peanut butter. It’s amazing in both savory and sweet dishes, or right off the spoon. Realistically, that is how I probably eat it most often. But, if you are in the mood for simple and delicious recipes (albeit recipes require more ingredients and kitchen tools than a jar of peanut butter and a spoon), check these out!


  1. Hi Chelsea, I was not aware that there are beans-based cereals out there( my ignorance) so thank YOU for introducing Love Grown cereals to us! I am going to order some to try from Amazon today and make these bars also. Who doesn’t love peanut butter?πŸ˜‹

    • I hope you like it, and I bet you will! Please let me know what you think and send a photo if possible, I would love to see! And I could happily start a peanut butter fan club. Especially when combined with beans! πŸ™‚

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