Chickpea salad

Mediterranean-ish Chickpea Salad

I love how versatile chickpeas are. I also love that I can make this chickpea salad in about 2 seconds (admittedly more like a few minutes, but still). This is a flexible recipe, so play around with amounts and use ingredients you have on hand.

Mediterranean-ish Chickpea Salad

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This quick and tasty chickpea salad makes a great side or main dish, and it’s ideal for bringing on picnics.


  • 1 can (15-oz.) chickpeas, or 1.5 cups cooked chickpeas

  • Sun-dried tomatoes, preferably oil-packed

  • Marinated artichoke hearts, preferably in oil

  • Fresh parsley

  • Capers

  • Feta

  • Freshly ground black pepper


  • Drain and rinse chickpeas. Then add to a mixing bowl.
  • This recipe is really about making things to your taste, so for all the add-ins, use an amount that suits all your flavor dreams. Also, cut them into sizes you like – big chunks of sun-dried tomatoes may be your jam, or you may prefer small pieces so every bite has a little sun-dried tomato. Go for it!
  • Prep other ingredients (chop, dice, etc.), then add them to the bowl with the chickpeas. After mixing everything together, taste and decide if you want to add more of anything.
  • Serve, or store in the refrigerator to let flavors combine and enjoy later.


  • These are just suggestions of ingredients. Get creative – leave some out, add in different ones, substitute Kalamata olives for the capers… whatever your chickpea-salad loving heart desires!
  • This is a good recipe to double (or triple) and refrigerate to have some leftovers.

I hope you have fun playing with this recipe outline and enjoy the final product, and I would love to hear what extra ingredients you decide to add!

Chickpea salad

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  1. This looks yummy and easy to make! It has lots of my favorite ingredients that I wouldn’t have thought to put together. I’m looking forward to trying it!

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