Colorado Pinto Beans: Farm to Table

Making a Farm to Table Video on Colorado Beans

This summer, I had the absolute pleasure of working with Wasteland of Wonder to share the story of a project I have been working on with multiple partners, including farmers, Health Care Without Harm, Boulder County Public Health, Little House of Tempeh, Tico’s Foods, Nourish Colorado, and more. The goal of our project? To bring delicious and nutritious Colorado beans to institutions like hospitals and schools. I could write about how incredible the project is (because it truly is amazing), but whatever I write would pale in comparison to this fantastic video the talented, delightful Wasteland of Wonder team made for us!! Please watch and enjoy. πŸ™‚

Working with Wasteland of Wonder to Share About Colorado Beans

This team was beyond amazing! They did not ask me to give them a shout-out, but I simply had to because they are so deserving.

Not many people want to spend their Friday evenings hanging out in bean fields with me, but that is exactly how we spent some of our time together! Their passion for what they do is so obvious that it is contagious and makes your heart happy to be around people who truly love what they do. I could go on for a long time about how amazing they are, but I wrote a Google review so I’ll let you read that and stick to a few photos here.

Filming at Little House of Tempeh
Colorado beans
Behind the scenes at a beautiful pinto bean field at Seaworth Farms
They made an original soundtrack for the film! And taught an interviewee how to play banjo πŸ™‚
Wasteland of Wonder in a field of Colorado beans
I can’t thank you all enough!!

We hope you enjoyed the video and would love to hear what you think!


  1. Ignacio Martin

    Hi Chelsea, I’m Ignacio and I just watched your wonderful video. Yes, beans and legumes will make you healthier. I was raised eating them. My diet was mostly made of potatoes, legumes( beans, rice , lentils, garbanzos, peas etc along with greens) fish, chicken and a bit of beef. My favorites of them are garbanzos. Great job and keep it up !!!!

    • Hi Ignacio, thank you for your wonderful comment! Legumes are such an incredible food – I’m glad you love beans, too! Thank you for sharing how you grew up eating them.

  2. Heidi Maier

    Such an incredible informative video! It is wonderful what your team is doing to provide wholesome beans to schools and hospitals. In the video you can just see the deduction and passion that everyone has for this project.

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