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There is a tradition that eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day can bring good luck and financial prosperity for the new year. In fact, I recently wrote about this lovely tradition. But now – lucky you – you can hear me talk about it and share a simple recipe for black-eyed pea toast! Yes, it is true, I am now a (bean) celebrity. Check out this interview on 9News Denver – thank you for letting me share my passion for beans and other pulses!

“Fun” Facts

These facts are not even all about beans (I know, shocking!), but some random things you may enjoy.

  1. This is not my kitchen. Any guesses where I was? .………….*insert words, take up space, give you time to guess*………….. Yes! I filmed this in my mom and stepdad’s kitchen because the ask to do this came while I was visiting family for a milestone birthday for my dad. Thanks for letting me take over your kitchen, family!
  2. I used to essentially have panic attacks before public speaking. Thankfully, I can now form (at least somewhat) coherent sentences. Silver linings to growing up!
  3. I am an introvert, but get me talking about beans and you might never guess that.
  4. Recognize the recipe? Yep, it is the Herby Bean Toast recipe!
Legume Lady on the News with Herby Bean Toast


  1. Looks wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was just looking up this recipe because we plan to have it on New Year’s Day (as a salad). What a fun memory of you taping that in our home! ❀️ 🫘

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