Peanut injeolmi waffle

Injeolmi Waffles – Korean Sweet Rice Cake Waffles

You know those dishes that can mentally transport you to a different place and time? For me, injeolmi waffles make me feel like I am back in the cafes in Seoul, South Korea. They make for a nice breakfast or brunch, and they can also transform a rainy Sunday into a cozy and delightful afternoon tea party.

What is inejolmi, though?

Injeolmi (인절미) is a Korean rice cake that is traditionally coated in roasted soybean powder.

Rice cakes are good in any shape and form, in my opinion. However, something magical happens to them in a waffle maker. They get light and fluffy on the inside and crisp up wonderfully on the outside, making for a perfect textural experience.

Injeolmi Waffles – Korean Sweet Rice Cake Waffles

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Injeolmi waffles are a quick treat for afternoon tea or a snack, and you can easily personalize the toppings to suit your taste.


  • 4-6 injeolmi per waffle – you can buy these or quickly make your own

  • Cooking oil spray (or oil to brush the waffle maker)

  • Topping Ideas
  • Nuts and/or seeds – I like sliced almonds, chopped peanuts, and/or pumpkin seeds

  • Honey or agave syrup, for drizzling

  • Ground cinnamon


  • Preheat waffle iron.
  • Spray or brush the preheated waffle iron with oil. Place the injeolmi directly on the waffle maker, with the edges touching but not on top of one another. When you close the waffle maker, it will cause the injeolmi to spread and form one waffle.
    Note: Depending on the size of your injeolmi and how big of a waffle you want, decide how many to use. The waffle will expand, so I would recommend not going all the way to the edges of the waffle maker.
  • While the waffle is cooking, prepare any desired toppings. For example, I topped my injeolmi (rice cake coated in roasted soybean powder) with honey, cinnamon, and sliced almonds. I topped with honey and chopped roasted peanuts my less traditional injeolmi (rice cake coated in peanut powder instead of roasted soybean powder).
  • When your inejolmi waffle is crisped up to your liking, top with desired toppings and serve warm.


  • When I make injeolmi, I make extra and freeze some. Then, I have them ready to use whenever I want one of these for breakfast or with afternoon tea. Before using, let thaw. If too hungry/impatient (this is a common problem I face), microwave for about 30 seconds to soften and then go for it!

The main image is the peanut themed inejolmi waffle, and here is the one topped with cinnamon, honey, and sliced almonds!

Injeolmi waffle with honey, cinnamon, and sliced almonds

Injeolmi are easy and fun to make, I would recommend trying!


  1. We had these for breakfast yesterday. WOW! So delicious!!

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