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Happy World Pulses Day!

February is an important month for beans! For starters, February 10th is World Pulses Day. (On that note, a year ago on February 10th, I was clearly feeling pretty important myself because I suggested checking out my recipes for ideas on how to savor the day.) Anyway, get excited, everyone! And to be clear, I think celebrating with any pulse recipes is a great idea, they do not have to be mine.

If you are looking for ways to live your best pulse life on February 10th, here are a few suggestions:

  • Answer that question that is likely popping up right about now for many of us: “Wait… what are pulses again?” Here is a short video to set your mind at ease.
  • Play a riveting round of ‘Name that Heirloom Bean‘ and have all your friends join in on the fun.
  • Rock out all day long to bean songs.
  • And, most importantly, live your best “pulse life” every day, not just on February 10th. YAY PULSES!

What About Other Bean Holidays in February?

Sure, World Pulses Day is an international day all about recognizing how spectacular pulses are for a host of reasons: human health, environmental health, and the list goes on. But, I would argue that there is another very important – yet often overlooked – day for beans in February. Yes, precisely, you guessed it. Valentine’s Day has beans written all over it, right? What better way to show people you love them than sending them beans, cooking up a beany recipe for them, or… writing them a bean Valentine?! Check out these adorable bean and pulse food puns and then head to Food Smart Colorado to download the PDFs.

You should probably add mailing a few of these to your list of ways to celebrate pulses on February 10th. πŸ˜‰ Plus, if you have kids, these will no doubt make them the coolest kids in class. Although, they have been pretty well-received among my adult friends, too.

Happy World Pulses Day – and Valentine’s Day – everyone!

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