Bean Collaborations

My life revolves around beans and other pulses, and I’d have it no other way. Hence, bean collaborations bring me endless joy. I work with several groups, organizations, and companies to promote beans through presentations, food photography, videos, and more. Send me a message if you are interested in a collaboration.

Beans Is How

Beans Is How has an ambitious and critically important mission, as stated on their website: “A campaign to double global bean consumption by 2028. We can help fix the future with beans.” A fantastic group of folks from around the world is championing the ability of beans to help solve many of the global challenges we face.

We recently wrote an article together on Nutrition Connect, linked to on this post about World Pulses Day.

Beans Is How campaign

US Dry Bean Council

It has been an absolute pleasure to support the work of the US Dry Bean Council! I have joined them for presentations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. Most recently, we were in Colombia for BeanCon23.

BeanCon stage - 1

Colorado Dry Bean Committee

I am the Executive Director of the Colorado Dry Bean Committee and have the honor of working with growers, processors, and others around the state to support local, delicious, sustainable, and nutritious bean production.

Pinto bean field

Colorado State University Extension – Nutrition, Food Safety, and Health Team

Some of my projects with CSU Extension include:

  • Bean resource creation. This included recipe development, photographs, and design for a 2022 Bean Appetit calendar and making handouts with tips and information on how to cook beans.
  • Online Extension class. I developed and piloted the Extension class, Beans: Good for You, Good for the Planet. Now, I am offering more online bean classes.
  • Bean Cuisine Citizen Science. Thanks to the help of amazing team of citizen scientists, I am analyzing data to improve the Bean Cuisine I developed. Just wrapped up the recipe testing based on their feedback and should have results to share soon!
Dry beans and other pulses

Interested in hearing more or joining a bean class? Send me a message!

Food Photography Samples

Project Umami Tempeh - Black bean and sunflower seed tempeh
4 unique flavors of Project Umami tempeh