Celebrate Earth Day with Beans!

Happy Earth Day, everyone! I did a post for Earth Day last year, too. Why? One of the reasons I think beans and other pulses are the perfect food is because of all the benefits they offer for sustainability. I addressed that a bit in last year’s post. This summer, I will be out at bean farms more often and look forward to sharing photos and videos with you, as well as the experiences of bean farmers. Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to hear about or see!

Today, though, I’m sure you are seeing a lot of Earth Day posts – which is wonderful! Our planet deserves that. But, I’ve decided to share two things with you to hopefully make you smile… and then want to go eat beans in honor of Earth Day.

  1. Another lovely graphic with you. Yes, you’re welcome. And no, those are not potatoes. They are beans with superhero capes, to recognize all they do for our planet. Fitting for Earth Day, right?
  2. This video clip my friend Ryan with Farmer Bean & Seed shared with me. My recommendation is to watch the opening monologue (the first ~1 minute). Ryan, thank you for making sure I didn’t miss this. Stephen Colbert, thank you for beginning your 4/20 skit not with reference to what many may expect but instead with BEANS. Intrigued, anyone? Check out the first minute.


  1. Lia Harper

    Just watched the opening monologue. Well done!

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