Celebrate Bean Day with Bean Songs!

January 6th is a very special day. Yes, your sleuthing skills (aka reading of the title of this post) have not led you astray. January 6th is National Bean Day! Bean fans everywhere, unite! And mark your calendar for World Pulses Day, February 10th.

Beans are – in my humble (and correct) opinion – amazing. But then, you already knew that. Hence, rather than carry on about all their incredible benefits and delicious applications, I thought we could do something different. After all, beans do have a reputation – be it correct or not – for being the musical fruit. So, let’s enjoy some bean-y music on National Bean Day with these bean songs!

Wait, bean songs? Plural? Oh yes. And I wouldn’t want another Bean Day to pass without you experiencing them. Are they strange? Well… yes. But then, what about that has ever deterred us?

Celebrating National Bean Day with Bean Songs - January 6, 2022
Yes, I know. Looking at this fantastic graphic, you will likely think I am a graphic designer. But no, just a very artistically talented *cough* PhD student passionate about legumes!

Pro tip: Multitask by delighting both your gustatory, olfactory, and auditory senses by enjoying a tasty bean dish or snack while listening.

Bean Song #1

Josh Groban sings the Bean Song, presented by Bush’s Beans. This song is…. interesting, to say the least. Bush’s Beans declares that, “Beans deserve better than a song about toots.” Although we may have different taste in music, we do agree on that point!

SAD UPDATE: This song no longer seems to be available in its full glory, with the accompanying video. However, the audio is still available, linked below.

Bean Song #2

If you love beans, then chances are you have heard of Rancho Gordo. And now you can hear Abby McKee and Adam Lansky sing These Beans in celebration of Rancho Gordo’s 20th anniversary. This was very creative and definitely made me chuckle. Admittedly, it may be funnier if you know a bit about Rancho Gordo. But if you don’t, then this song could be your segue!

Bean Song #3

I have heard the first 2 songs several times, and then of course there is the Beans, Beans the Musical Fruit song. But, perhaps there are more, I dared to dream. So, I started searching. And indeed they exist! Here is a (very strange) ditty with accompanying smiling bean images. It’s called Baked Beans.

Bean Song #4

One more bizarre bean song? Sure, why not. Here is a 1-minute-ish listen called I Love Beans.

Now, I am not here to attest to the musical quality of any of these songs, especially peculiar songs 3 and 4 (I admit I do love the voices singing songs 1 and 2). However. Despite how odd I found these songs, it was also – in some strange way – comforting to know that I am not along in my bean obsession.

Alright, so what did you think? Do you have a favorite song, or lyrics that stood out to you? Or, do you know of any other bean songs?! Please share in the comments below!

And on that note, Happy Bean Day to all! May it be delicious and nutritious.


  1. This was great. Thanks for posting!

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