Black Bean Chocolate Mousse

Black Bean Chocolate Mousse

By this point, you likely already know that: 1.) my life revolves around beans, and 2.) I love bean desserts. This Black Bean Chocolate Mousse is simply delightful! To be honest, I debated whether I should call it Black Bean Chocolate Pudding or Mousse. I went with mousse. Let me know if you agree after you try it!

Why Are Beans Good in Desserts?

  • Beans are nutrient-dense. Beans are packed with fiber and protein, along with other nutrients like potassium, folate, and iron. So, they help make desserts a bit healthier. And who doesn’t want a dessert they can feel justified in eating all 4 servings of by her/himself??
  • Bean texture works very well in desserts. Beans have a smooth, creamy texture that goes beautifully in desserts. Conveniently, that also makes them great in smoothies, like this Chocolate Banana Black Bean Smoothie.
  • Beans are perfect. Pretty self-explanatory. Enough said, right?

Black Bean Chocolate Mousse

Recipe by A Legume a DayCourse: Desserts


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Black Bean Chocolate Mousse is a delicious treat that is very quick and simple to make. Yay for beans in healthy desserts!


  • 2 cups cooked black beans – low or no sodium recommended

  • 4 Medjool dates – really recommend Medjool over other dates in this recipe

  • 1/2 cup (120 g) whole milk

  • 1/2 cup (43 g) unsweetened cocoa powder

  • 2 – 3 Tbs (40 – 60 g) maple syrup, to taste

  • 2 tsp vanilla extract

  • Suggestions for Dippers
  • Fresh fruit like strawberries, apples, or grapes

  • Graham crackers

  • Pretzels

  • Alternative serving suggestion: Eat straight from spoon – or directly from the blender/food processor, if you’re like me πŸ˜€


  • If you just cooked the beans, cool them before using them in this recipe. Drain and rinse the black beans very well. Add to a high-powered blender or food processor.
  • Be sure to pit the Medjool dates. Then, add the dates, milk, cocoa powder, 2 Tbs maple syrup, and vanilla extract to the blender/processor. Puree until smooth, scraping down the sides as needed.
  • Taste for seasoning and adjust if necessary, for instance by adding an additional tablespoon of maple syrup. A little salt in chocolate desserts can be a good thing and help bring out flavors, so add a small pinch if you think it needs it.
  • If desired, slightly chill before eating.
  • Serve with your Black Bean Chocolate Mousse with dippers of your choice.


  • Sprinkle with chopped chocolate, chocolate chunks, or chocolate chips for an extra indulgent treat.

So, what is the verdict? With regards to my question in the introduction, should I have called it Black Bean Chocolate Pudding, or Black Bean Chocolate Mousse?

Black Bean Chocolate Mousse - close-up

Black Bean Chocolate Mousse Nutrition Facts

These nutrition facts were created in Nutritionist Pro. They can of course slightly vary with different brands, ingredients, etc.

Black bean chocolate mousse nutrition facts

Looking for More Bean Desserts?

If your answer was yes, we clearly understand one another. Here are a few other ideas:


  1. Bean chocolate mousse is the perfect way to have legumes for breakfast πŸ’ͺ🫘
    I like to vary it by sometimes substituting chilli flakes or rum for vanilla ❀️

  2. Can I use broad beans instead?

    • The flavor and texture could be okay, but I might still recommend black beans. They are slightly sweet naturally, and they work well with the chocolate to keep it a nice, chocolate-y color. That being said, it is fun to experiment, and it never hurts to try! If you do make this with broad beans, please let me know how it turns out!

  3. Could I use a milk alternative such as nut/oat milk or plant based heavy whip? Also, what about monk fruit in place of maple syrup?

    • Yes, most milk alternatives work well! As for the monk fruit, that I’m not sure about. Maple syrup helps add liquid, too, and has a very different flavor than monk fruit. You could try it, but you would likely need to modify other ingredients as well. Another option could be to add more Medjool dates instead.

  4. OMG. A few more recipes like this and I might never suffer from constipation again!

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