Beans and Other Pulses A Field to Table Approach

Beans and Other Pulses: A Field to Table Approach

The other night, my husband and I watched a movie neither of us really enjoyed. It feels like such a waste of ~1.5 hours when you finish and the movie was so subpar. You don’t want to be in that position, right? Thankfully, I have an easy solution for you to dodge such mediocrity and learn while at it. Watch this upbeat session about beans and other pulses instead!

Exploring the Benefits of Beans and Other Pulses from Field to Table

The Food Science and Human Nutrition Department at Colorado State University hosts the fantastic Lillian Fountain Smith Nutrition Conference, providing people a chance to learn about a wide variety of interesting nutrition and food science-related topics. Although normally in person, it was virtual this time. I had the opportunity to facilitate one of the sessions where three amazing speakers joined:

  • Karen Cichy – Dry bean geneticist
  • Henry Thompson – Professor and researcher on the health benefits of beans (think cancer prevention, gut health, etc.) [Henry and I have a book chapter and several articles together, including this one that covers the differences between types of legumes]
  • Becky Garrison – Registered Dietitian and marketing outreach for the American Pulse Association

The session keeps you on your toes, and thanks to the expertise of the speakers, it takes you on a journey of beans and other pulses from field to table. You can always break it up into several parts too, stopping after 1 speaker and picking up later. I hope you enjoy!

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