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Bean Podcast with Chefs’ Manifesto

I’m excited to share that Chefs’ Manifesto and Beans Is How partnered to produce a brilliant bean podcast, sponsored by the US Dry Bean Council!

Hosted by Chef Tom Hunt, the “10 part series will delve deep into the world of beans, peas, lentils, pulses and the wider legume family.” Podcast episodes will tackle all things beans with experts and enthusiasts from around the world. Read the full announcement about the launch of this bean podcast here.

Championing beans is incredibly important for a sustainable planet and future. Beans are a great way to add fiber, protein, and other nutrients into our daily eating patterns. By eating more of them, we can increase nutrition, support sustainable eating, and unlock so much delicious versatility. What’s not to love??

Listen to the Bean Podcast Here

I was honored to speak on the first episode, alongside Paul Newnham of the SDG2 Advocacy Hub and Beans is How, and Mitchell Davis of Kitchen Sense.

Want to listen to the podcast? It’s about beans – so of course you do!! I’m writing this post mid-February 2024, and episodes are still coming out. Listen along here and join the bean party!

Looking for more podcasts about beans? Then listen to these episodes from BBC’s The Food Programme.

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