Bean personality quiz - pinto bean result

Bean Personality Quiz

Sometimes as we browse the internet, those personality quizzes to see what fill-in-the-blank you are will pop up. For example, which Disney princess are you? Naturally, that is a pressing question (that is probably more interesting than whatever else you are supposed to be working on), and it’s hard to resist clicking. And here’s the kicker – no matter how ridiculous the personality quizzes sounds, they are fun to do and then compare your results with others and debate the merits of whether you really are like Mulan. Well, I finally found a personality quiz that resonates with me. Yep, you guessed it. A bean personality quiz! And, because it’s about beans, that automatically makes it wonderful and not silly, like some other personality quizzes. I really do need to know what type of bean I am. And so do you.

All that to say, this was simply too fun to not share with you all. I hope you enjoy, and I’d love to hear your bean personality!

Taking the Bean Personality Quiz

It’s time to settle the debate inside your head that no doubt has been keeping you up at night: What bean personality am I?! Thankfully, now you can find out. Head to the Bean Personality Quiz page on the Bean Institute. You can then choose between two editions:

  1. Discover your bean personality
  2. Discover your bean personality, kids edition

Naturally, I took both. Because, well, I doubt I even have to explain why.

For the original version, I was a pinto bean. This seems fitting because I live in Colorado and it is the number one bean we grow here, after all.

Bean personality quiz - pinto bean

For the kid version, I was a navy bean.

Bean personality quiz kids edition - navy bean

Please share in the comments what you got and if you think it’s a good match for you!

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