Tim McGreevy - USA Pulses - Bean Interview with A Legume a Day

Bean Interview: USA Pulses

In this Bean Interview, we are joined by Tim McGreevy, who is the CEO of USA Pulses and also a farmer. Among other crops, he grows pulses like chickpeas and lentils. Tim has been working in pulses for several decades, giving him a rich understanding of how these incredible crops can benefit the cropping system on his own farm, and the farms of the many growers his organization works with on a daily basis. (PS What are pulses? They are the dry, edible seeds of non-oilseed legumes, like beans, chickpeas, dry peas, and lentils.)

In addition to knowing firsthand all the benefits that pulses have on the farm, he is well versed in how pulses like beans, chickpeas, dry peas, and lentils can dramatically improve the health of people and the planet. Tim is an excellent advocate, traveling the world in the name of pulses. He also eats pulses every day and has some great recipe ideas – including tips on how he enjoys pulses for breakfast!

Tim McGreevy - USA Pulses - Bean Interview

Bean Interview Topics

In this bean interview, Tim and I discuss multiple topics. Here are some points you can expect to hear more about:

  • What are pulses?
  • As a farmer, why do you grow pulses?
  • What is the main challenge with growing pulses?
  • How do pulses help promote sustainable food systems?
  • What is the Coalition for the Advancement of Pulses (CAP)?
  • What does the research say about how pulses can improve nutrition and human health?
  • What are some of the best pulse dishes you have eaten on your travels around the world?
  • Why should people enjoy pulses for breakfast?
  • What are some tasty and simple pulse recipe ideas?
  • And much more!

And on that note, time to watch this bean (or should I say pulse?) interview!

Looking for More Bean/Pulse Info?

There are now a few bean interviews in this series, Behind the Scenes the World of Beans. Interviewing friends and colleagues to allow them to share their expertise in all different areas of Bean World is an absolute joy to conduct – and hopefully also to listen! You can find the full Bean Interview playlist on YouTube here. Or, here are direct links to a few of the interviews:

Links in This Bean Interview Video

If you want to find out more about USA Pulses, click to explore their website, Instagram, and Facebook.

This post summarizes some of the nutritional benefits of eating more pulses and includes the two graphics from the Coalition for the Advancement of Pulses. You can see one of the graphics below. Isn’t it incredible what a huge positive nutritional impact even minor swaps in favor of pulses can have??

Coalition for the Advancement of Pulses - Pulse and bean nutrition

The two science articles shown in this bean interview video are:

For more information about the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA), explore the DGA website.

Hungry? Then check out some of these pulse recipe ideas from USA Pulses:

A huge thank you to Tim for joining for this interview, and to Sandra at USA Pulses for helping provide me with many of the photos and video clips of pulses in the field that were used in this bean interview video!


  1. Great video! I’m curious, is there any bean info focused at seniors? Senior meals at a Senior Center or Meals on Wheels could use a boost of beans in my opinion. Do you know of any program that would educate seniors on the benefits of beans?

    • So glad you enjoyed the interview! This is a great question. There are some resources, and I imagine classes/programs that mention beans have been taught here and there, but I am not sure if there is a particular program that is ready to go in all regions. It is a wonderful idea, and would be very fun to do a program like that!

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