Dr. Juan Osorno - Bean Breeder - North Dakota State University - Bean interview with A Legume a Day

Bean Interview: Dr. Juan Osorno

And so we continue with my bean interview series, Behind the Scenes the World of Beans! Dr. Juan Osorno is a Bean Breeder and Professor at North Dakota State University. Are you wondering what exactly a bean breeder does, and how they truly make a positive difference in our food system? Then you found an interview with the right guy – Juan is a wealth of knowledge!

Bean Interview - Dr. Juan Osorno - Bean Breeder - North Dakota

I have had the absolute privilege of getting to see Juan present in-person many times, in North Dakota, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia, as well as virtually. Not only is he an excellent presenter (in both Spanish and English!), but he is a great person doing very impactful work. I always learn something new when I talk to him. North Dakota and Minnesota are lucky to have him as their bean breeder. Plus, as someone who travels the world for beans, he has a great understanding of how cultures around the globe enjoy beans.

Bean Interview Topics

In this bean interview, Dr. Osorno and I chat about a variety of topics. Here are some of the issues we dive into:

  • Do bean breeders use GMO technology? (Please note: We are not stating our opinions about GMOs. We are simply discussing facts so that people know that beans in the US – spoiler alert – are not GMOs.)
  • How can bean breeding advance sustainability?
  • Can bean breeding improve nutrition?
  • What are slow-darkening pinto beans, and why should we care?
  • How can working internationally benefit local food systems?
  • What is a popular bean in Colombia?
  • And much more!

On that note, I hope you enjoy!

Looking for More Bean Info?

You can find the first video in the bean interview series here. In this video, Dr. Henry Thompson – researcher and global bean guru – dives into the health benefits of beans. He also answers the question: how many beans should we eat to optimize health?

I share a bit about beans in Colombia in this post, including photos of cargamanto beans – the delicious Colombian bean Juan mentions in the interview. There are both white and red cargamanto beans (cargamanto blanco, cargamanto rojo).

References Shown in the Bean Interview Video

In the interview, we showed abstracts and/or information from several papers. Below is the reference information, in case you want to look further into any of the research.

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