Amelia Christie-Miller - Bold Bean Co - Bean Interview with A Legume a Day

Bean Interview: Bold Bean Co

Well friends, we are back with another episode in my bean interview series, Behind the Scenes the World of Beans! So far, we have talked to a nutrition researcher, a bean breeder, and a farmer. One of my goals with this interview series is to share about the farm-to-fork journey of beans. Hence, I also wanted chat with innovative, fun bean brands working hard to bring us tasty beans, as companies clearly play a key role in the value chain.

If you follow bean news around the world (yes, it’s a thing), you may have heard of Bold Bean Co in the UK. Even though I live “across the pond” from them, I love following along to see all that they are doing with and for beans. You know when you meet people, and you can tell they love what they do? Well, Amelia Christie-Miller, Founder and CEO of Bold Bean Co, is just such a person! For this bean interview, she is our star guest.

Amelia Christie-Miller - Bold Bean Co - Bean Interview with A Legume a Day

As with all of these bean interviews, this was not sponsored. I’m doing this video interview series because I feel very lucky to get to see a lot of the inner workings of Bean World, and it is an absolute pleasure to share that joy and a healthy dose of bean enthusiasm with you. πŸ™‚ All that to say, I wanted to chat with Amelia because I truly enjoy seeing what her company is doing, as they definitely increase the cool factor of beans. A huge shout-out to her and the entire Bold Bean Co team!

Bean Interview Topics

In this bean interview, Amelia and I dive into many bean-y topics. CAUTION: If you go into this hungry, consider yourself warned. You may first want to prepare some beans to enjoy while watching, because Amelia will undoubtedly make you crave beans! Here are several points you can expect to hear more about during our conversation:

  • Why start a bean company?
  • What beans does Bold Bean Co offer? And are any new products coming soon?
  • Did the Bold Bean Co team always love beans?
  • What do people think about your bean cookbook, Bold Beans: Recipes to Get Your Pulse Racing?
  • What are some of your popular bean recipes?
  • What is the creamiest bean?
  • And much more!

Okay, do you have your bean dish of choice in hand? Then here we go!

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Links in the Bean Interview Video

If you want to find out more about Bold Bean Co and the amazing (and delicious) work they do, here are several links mentioned in the bean interview video:

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