Bean Dazzle Hour

Bean Dazzle Hour: Colorado Beans at the County Fair

One thing I look forward to during the summer is the County Fair. Last year, I had a booth on beans. I know, shocking, right? πŸ˜‰ This year (2022), my amazing friend Alison came up with the name Bean Dazzle Hour. It doesn’t get more perfect than that, so we ran with it. Props to Alison for even having Bean Dazzle shirts made for us!!

Alison also wrote my nametag

Look at the photo below and see if you can find us. With a name like Bean Dazzle Hour, we certainly stood out on the schedule. But then, beans always stand out, right??

Also thank you to Cari in the Extension office, who made this fantastic sign with not just one but multiple bean puns. I know the coolest people!

I wrote about Bean Dazzle Hour and shared photos on the Colorado Dry Beans website, here. During this glorious (and dazzling) hour, we made bean art and talked about our favorite bean dishes. It was a fun chance to hear what people think about beans and share about the importance of beans to Colorado agriculture, not to mention all their benefits for human and environmental health.

Bean Art from Bean Dazzle Hour

Look at what these amazing artists of all ages created!

To see more photos, check out the post on Colorado Dry Beans.

What Is Your Favorite Bean Dish?

Check out what people said was a favorite dish and let me know if you would have put a check next to one of these or added a new one!

Thank you to CSU Extension Larimer County, people who shared their favorite bean dishes, and all our talented artists. I’m already looking forward to the next bean outreach event! πŸ™‚


  1. What a great article. Looks like it was a fun time!

    I love the t-shirt!

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