Name that heirloom bean - numbered

Answer Key: Name that Heirloom Bean

Stop! WAIT!! Before you continue, this is the answer key to ‘Name that Heirloom Bean!’ which is also known as ‘The Most Fun Game Ever.’ If you haven’t tried it yet, go to that post first. And (virtually) bring along all your friends.

Now I’ll create some space for you with these lovely images below to 1.) intrigue you and 2.) help prevent you from accidentally seeing the answers. Scroll down when you are ready, making sure to first take a few deep breaths to calm yourself from all the excitement this heirloom bean game undoubtedly generates.

Name that heirloom bean - A Legume a Day
Name that pulse
Name that heirloom bean - numbered

Answers to Challenge 2 of Name that Heirloom Bean

  1. A
  2. C
  3. B
  4. C
  5. D
  6. B

Answers to Challenges 1 and 3 – Heirloom Bean (and Pulse) Names

  1. European soldier bean
  2. Jacob’s cattle bean, also known as trout bean
  3. Calypso bean
  4. Pinto bean
  5. Orca bean (some people will say calypso and orca are the same thing, others say they are different)
  6. French green lentil
  7. Anasazi bean
  8. Scarlet runner bean
  9. Black lentil, or beluga lentil
  10. Garbanzo bean, or chickpea
  11. Rattlesnake bean
  12. Cranberry bean, also known as borlotti bean
  13. Christmas lima bean
  14. Red lentil (I know, I think they should be called orange lentils, too)
  15. Yellow eye bean
  16. Green split pea
  17. Snowcap bean

I hope you enjoyed! And I mean, how could you not, right?

Now, time to go enjoy heirloom beans in the kitchen! Check out some recipe ideas here.

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