About Legume Lady and A Legume a Day

Hello, I’m Chelsea, a PhD student living in Colorado. My doctoral research focuses on legumes (pulses, in particular) and outreach. I love to cook – and eat! – and want to share some of my favorite recipes here.

Legume Lady in a pumpkin patch
Why yes, I do wear bean shirts and have accessories like a bean necklace.

I take photos so you can explore bean fields, farmers’ markets, and other great places with me. Also, as I work my way through science articles and build up to my dissertation, I’ll add snippets on the science of legumes – not clickbait, but accessible, brief summaries of what the scientific literature really has to say. Together, let’s explore the many delicious ways to enjoy legumes!

Legume Lady in the mountains, hiking with bean dip
I love hiking and legumes. Why not combine the two by bringing bean dips on hikes?
Legume Lady in the community garden
I thought I should provide a photo that doesn’t have beans to show I lead a “balanced” life. Besides cooking and baking, my pastimes include playing in my plot in the community garden and hiking (see above photos for proof).