Legume Podcast - BBC Food Programme - April 2022

A Bean Podcast, Courtesy of BBC’s The Food Programme

Podcasts in general are lovely. But you know what makes them extra spectacular? When they are all about beans! (Duh, that was obvious, right?) That is why I was beyond thrilled when BBC’s The Food Programme did a fantastic podcast all about legumes. But wait! Not just one podcast – it was divided into 2 parts because there was so much good information to cover!

To commemorate this glorious occasion and all the love beans are getting, I have created another lovely graphic for you all. I know, my incredible talent for graphic design never ceases to amaze…cough. (See here for another example and join me in marveling at why no art firm has yet tried to recruit me.)

Legume Podcast - BBC's The Food Programme

Bean Podcast Links

I don’t want to give too much away, but I highly recommend you give these a listen.

  1. Part 1: Are Legumes the Answer? – Listen here
  2. Part 2: How Spain Does Beans – Listen here

A few things to look forward to in these podcasts:

  • Hearing about how different countries approach beans
  • An interview with Amelia of Bold Bean Co.
  • Charming British accents that make you feel smart listening (I debated whether I should admit this, but I decided to be honest with you all)
  • And more!

As the podcast says, cooking dry beans is absolutely wonderful and I would 100% highly recommend it. Find a local farmer or bean co-op, or order online. For example, Sheridan Acres and Primary Beans are two great places to check out. I’d also love to hear some of your favorite places to get beans and other pulses in the comments! Here is a post with an accompanying video about how to cook dry beans.

They mentioned jarred beans, which are not yet readily available in many parts of the United States yet. Something to look forward to, right?

What About Canned Beans?

They have some negative comments about canned beans in this podcast. I want to clear the air about something that is very important: canned beans are a wonderful thing! They are a fantastic staple to have around for a quick and easy meal. I always have them in my home, and I often buy canned beans to eat for breakfast or meals when I’m on business trips. Just choose solid brands, as possible. For example, brands that source beans well, prioritize sustainability, and all those good things. Choosing beans that don’t have a sugary sauce added will be healthier, too – although all things in moderation, right? If you like baked beans sometimes, that’s fine. Just try to mainly enjoy canned beans with just beans, water, and maybe some salt. 8 Track Foods is fantastic, and Bush’s Beans also has an excellent product.

Gosh, All This Bean Talk Is Making Me Hungry

That’s completely understandable. While you listen, you should probably enjoy some bean-y recipes, right? πŸ˜‰


  1. Who knew humble beans can be so much fun!!! The more I have read about beans here on your website and in books and internet, the more I,’ve realized beans provide sustenance and some amazing nutritious dishes are made with beans all over the world! I can’t wait to listen to these BBC podcasts and the charming British accent!
    PS. Save all your bean art work – who knows someday Sotheby’s may come knocking πŸ˜ƒ

    • Thank you, Arsh! Beans are the best, and the bean community is so much fun and really supportive. Glad you’re part of it! I hope you enjoy the podcasts and would love to hear what you think. Haha yes, I will save my “art” – you never know!! πŸ˜‰

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