2022 Bean Calendar!

You know that fill-in-the-blank? The one that goes, “You know you are cool when _________.” Well, let me tell you, I know I am cool because as part of my PhD project focusing on bean outreach, I created a bean calendar! Yes, 2022 Bean Appetit calendar is now a reality. What can I say, dreams do come true. And, I want to share one with you as a thank you for all your support and enthusiasm about BEANS!

2022 Bean Calendar giveaway

All the recipes and other photos I took for the calendar either have already been posted here (like this Herby Bean Toast) or will go up on A Legume a Day in the near future, of course. With so much digital content being created these days, it is nice to have something physical I can hold in my hands and share with people, though! I also made recipe pages on Food Smart Colorado, which has nutrition, food safety, and health resources from Colorado State University Extension (although the pages do not have the introduction, ending, and some of the “witty” bits I include here). There are great resources on Food Smart Colorado, if you want to browse around!

Have you ever created a calendar with recipes, photography, design, project management, etc.? If not, I think my recommendation would be… don’t. Suffice to say, I have new respect for people who make calendars! But, to be fair… I suppose it was totally worth it. Especially because how many people can finish that sentence (“You know you are cool when _________.”) with “you create a bean calendar to share with the world.” Not many, I imagine. In fact, perhaps just a sample size of, well, me. That being said, if you know someone who has created a bean calendar PLEASE help us connect!

Bean Calendar Giveaway

This long-winded intro really just to say – drumroll I am doing a GIVEAWAY!! Or have already done a giveaway, depending on when you are seeing this, sorry! If you write in the comments on this post – either here, on Instagram, or on Facebook – you will be entered in a drawing.

Here are the details:

  • Follow me on social media (@alegumeaday) and/or subscribe to my newsletter (see the subscription box on the sidebar or bottom of the page) if you aren’t a social media person.
  • Comment on the calendar giveaway social media post or this website post with two things:
    1. Tag a friend(s) (or send them this page and have them also comment) – 1 entry per friend, but please only 1 tag per comment (as in, if you tag 3 friends, 3 separate comments, please)
    2. Share a favorite bean-y memory from 2021 OR a bean-y moment you are looking forward to in 2022. Or go ahead and share both if so inclined, you overachiever, you. I always welcome conversation about beans!
  • Do the above by NOVEMBER 28, 2021 11:59 PM MST. Then give me a few days to reach out to the winner to get your address and send you a bean calendar!

Why only 1 winner, you ask? I’m a PhD student. Contrary to popular belief, we are not rolling in money (yes, sarcasm), and I’m paying for shipping. But I want to share the joy of a bean calendar with fellow bean lovers! Also, my website will turn 1-year old soon, and this seems like the best way to celebrate. Thank you for your support! *imagine a heart-shaped emoji made from beans*

Reading this after the fact? I still appreciate you and would love for you to comment so we can connect about beans!

Thank you - written in pulses
Yes, I created this image, too. If my love for all things pulses is not obvious yet… I’m clearly doing something wrong. Feel free to offer advice.

May your 2022 (or whatever year is coming up when you read this) be full of delicious and nutritious beans and other pulses, friends!


  1. Love your bean calendar, and your blog! Kudos!

  2. Wow! Hats off to you for creating the bean calendar part of your PhD work! I would love to purchase it and not depend on my luck in the drawing. Is that possible?
    Thank you.

  3. Carol Durusau

    This is so great. So glad I saw your post on the Rancho Gordo facebook page. I don’t have an Instagram account but have liked your Facebook page. Hope that counts to get a calendar.

  4. Carol Durusau

    My 2021 beany event is that my niece sent me 3 of her Rancho Gordo boxes this year and I am having fun working my way through them.

  5. I have seen the bean calendar in person and it is exceptionally well made! Good work, Chelsea!

  6. Any “Beans for Breakfast” recipes you would suggest? Thanks

    • Absolutely. Breakfast burritos, adding lentils to oatmeal (like an apple cinnamon lentil porridge), beans in smoothies, beans in a breakfast hash (example: onions, peppers, eggs, beans, fire-roasted tomatoes)… and the list goes on! I hope this helps!

    • Also, waffles, pancakes, muffins or a Dutch baby made with chickpea flour are great options!

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