10 Highlights from Bean Planting Season

10 Highlights from the Bean Planting Season!

This year (2022), my dreams came true – I got to attend multiple bean plantings and ride in the tractors! You may think I’m being sarcastic, but I literally can barely put into words just how happy this made me. Maybe a photo will help convince you. Here I am, happily riding alongside a farmer who was willing to answer my nonstop questions, right after we got majorly rained on by a passing storm. And yes, I am wearing my bean necklace.

The more I meet people working in agriculture, the more respect I have for them. It is not an easy job, nor do they often get the appreciation they so deserve. To all the bean farmers who let me tag along during bean planting season – and to all the other people working to make this possible I haven’t met yet – thank you for all you do! This video is a short tribute to you all.

“Highlights” may not be the perfect word to describe the 10 things I share in the video, but I struggled with finding the right word and highlights (or maybe takeaways?) was the closest I could come. Ultimately, this shares a mix of things I learned, moments that made an impression upon me, and the resiliency and inspiring determination of farmers.

More Videos of Bean Plantings

Pinto planting - early June 2022
Planting pinto beans at Seaworth Farms on June 3, 2022 in Wellington, Colorado

I’ll be visiting bean farms in Colorado throughout the season, so let me know if you have any questions you want answered or photo and/or video requests. I’ll do my best to help share the story of beans from seed to harvest, and of the amazing people growing them!


  1. Lia Harper

    My sister and I just watched the video. Very fun! It was cute and also informative! I love how excited you are about beans and farming!

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